Qualifications – Delivery and Development


ATHE qualifications are placed on Ofqual’s register of regulated qualifications.

This register is recognised by Higher Education Providers including universities and maps to the European Qualifications Framework.

Delivering ATHE Core Qualifications

  • ATHE offer a range of Ofqual regulated qualifications which can be delivered via our recognised centres

Developing ATHE Bespoke Qualifications

  • ATHE has developed a variety of qualifications exclusive to specific centres, tailored to the needs of their sector and learner’s
  • If a new qualification is proposed, the proposal will be reviewed by our Qualifications team
  • Upon approval, your centre, alongside our Qualifications team, will develop a project plan and then be invoiced for the first 50% of the development fee
  • One of our Qualification Development Associates will work with your centre to develop the units, assignments, and specification
  • The Guided Learning Hours and Total Qualification Time are established, using feedback from stakeholders
  • Once the qualification is signed off, it is uploaded to the Ofqual register and your centre will be invoiced for the remaining 50% of the development fee

Please note, as part of delivery or development, you must become an ATHE recognised centre.

New ATHE Centres

If you wish to deliver a core qualification, and/or develop a bespoke qualification with us you will first need to complete the centre application form: https://atheportal.co.uk/application-form/

Existing ATHE Centres

As a recognised ATHE centre, if you wish to deliver a core qualification, and/or develop a bespoke qualification with us, you can find the applications on the Qualifications menu of your Centre Portal account or here https://atheportal.co.uk/qualification-application-form/.