ATHE Fee Structures

ATHE Fee Structures

ATHE is committed to a fair fees policy to ensure maximum learner accessibility.  ATHE fee structures are reviewed annually in line with centre feedback and market research, to ensure competitiveness and fitness for purpose. 

The principal updates to the ATHE fee structures are as follows:

  • Combining separate Registration and EQA fees into one upfront payment
  • Two country fee zones based on a published Human Development Index classification (a broader measure than GDP alone)
  • Administration fees

Centres based in the UK and internationally can download the appropriate Fee Structure by completing a short online form via the following link:

Bespoke Qualifications and Endorsed Programmes – ATHE develops bespoke regulated qualifications for a wide variety of organisations. The development and combined fees for these Bespoke qualifications can vary depending on the subject, size and level of the qualification. For Endoresed Programmes there are structured fees.

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