Support for International Centres


This page provides information on a range of support services available to ATHE recognised centres that are not based in the UK.

As well as training materials including delivery and assessment guidance, ATHE support for international centres extends to a dedicated international team of External Verifiers.

Delivering ATHE Qualifications Handbook


Training materials

ATHE is committed to supporting the development of its centres and provides a range of support services including bespoke training delivered remotely as well as open courses in UK. Training materials provided to UK centres are also made available to centres based outside the UK. These materials can be requested by contacting ATHE.

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Delivery and assessment 

ATHE provides a range of guidance documents to support centres in the delivery and assessment of qualifications. These documents can be accessed by logging in to the ATHE Portal and clicking on 'Qualification Guidance' on the first page. 

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European centres

ATHE encourages centres in Europe to take advantage of the various European Vocational Educational and Training initiatives, which support qualification recognition and learner/employee mobility. 

More information can also be found at as well as

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The international EV team

ATHE has a dedicated team of External Verifier’s for International Centres. The purpose of this team is to monitor quality in centres and also to provide support and guidance. 

Plagiarism software

ATHE provides free plagiarism software to all ATHE centres. You will have the option to register for this for when you first become a recognised centre. It is a requirement for centres to use the ATHE software or have appropriate alternative software in place. 

Become an ATHE partner

ATHE works with organisations around the world to promote ATHE recognition and qualifications. If you would like to work with ATHE, then please contact us.