Become an ATHE Centre

The process of becoming a recognised ATHE centre is designed to be streamlined and can be completed in a few simple steps.

Application Form

The first step is to complete the application form using the link below. Once the form has been submitted and your Centre Portal account has been created, you will then be sent your initial Centre Recognition invoice for payment to start the recognition process.

Access the Application Form here.

Health Check

This first invoice will cover the Health Check where one of our External Quality Assurers (EQA) will be appointed on receipt of payment and will contact your centre to begin the process.

The aim of the Health Check to ensure your centre is able to deliver, assess and quality assure ATHE qualifications to the required standard in line with OFQUAL regulatory requirements.
The EQA will also help and support your Centre to ensure that everything is in place to start delivering the qualifications once recognition is granted.

The Health Check is usually arranged within 3 working days from receipt of payment and completed within 10 working days (for international centres the Health Check will usually be conducted remotely).

At the end of this process a Health Check Report will be produced and sent to you based on the findings of the review. There may be action points for your centre to complete as a result of this process within a stated deadline.

As an ATHE Centre you are required to have documented policies and procedures in place to meet the ATHE Health Check requirements and to provide guidance for your Staff and Learners, so they understand what is required of them and how you deliver qualifications and programmes – please find guidance on these requirements here.

When your Health Check has been completed

After your Health Check has been completed (and action points addressed if applicable) you’ll be sent a Centre Agreement to sign electronically, and we will issue an invoice for the balance of your Centre Recognition fee for payment before recognition is granted. On receipt of the returned contract and payment of part 2 of your centre recognition fee we will issue your centre with ATHE Recognition for a period of three years. We'll send your centre an ATHE Certificate of Recognition to onfirm this.