Qualification Development and Endorsement

Organisations that have an existing training programme can either have that programme endorsed or developed into a regulated qualification.

Both these services can raise the profile of an organisations training and development activities and increase opportunities for learners.

Our qualification development process can be found here.

You can find a list of our Bespoke Qualifications here.

You can find out about the timescales involved in development and endorsement, as well as our other major services, on this document.


ATHE endorsement of your programme demonstrates to stakeholders that you have adhered to high standards in the design of your programme and that it is relevant to the needs of participants.

Learners will be awarded a certificate of attendance by ATHE which will list the endorsed learning outcomes of the programme.


Benefits for a learner

  1. Completing an endorsed training programme will increase confidence that the programme of study is worthwhile and is relevant to industry standards.
  2. Learners can be confident that an ATHE endorsed programme has been designed at the right level and is suitable for the intended learner profile
  3. An ATHE endorsed programme will have assessment vehicles and methods which are robust, secure and appropriate for the learning (if the programme is assessed)
  4. Learners will receive a certificate of attendance.

Benefits for an organisation

  1. An endorsed programme demonstrates to stakeholders that you have adhered to high standards in the design of your programme and that it is relevant to the needs of participants.
  2. Endorsement is low cost, starting from £950 for initial approval and £10 to £20 per learner for certification.
  3. Certificates provide evidence of learner’s completion of the training programme with a list of learning outcomes and ATHE logo.
  4. This option is ideal for organisations looking for external review from an awarding body.

Development of Regulated Qualifications

These qualifications are placed on Ofqual’s register of regulated qualifications.

This register is recognised by Higher Education Providers including universities and maps to the European Qualifications Framework.

Qualification Development

Benefits for a learner

  1. Achieving a qualification provides a recognised external benchmark of an individual’s knowledge, understanding and skills.
  2. Learning demonstrates to employers an individual’s desire and commitment to know more and to improve their qualifications.
  3. Achieving a qualification may provide entry to higher level qualifications.

Benefits for an organisation

  1. Offering nationally and internationally recognised qualifications as part of your human resource development programme will help your organisation improve its profile and attract a higher class of workforce.
  2. The qualifications can be tailored to meet the needs of an organisation so that the learning is directly relevant to business development plans.
  3. ATHE is regulated by Ofqual, the regulator of qualifications in England who reports directly to Parliament.
  4. The qualifications will be placed on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), which gives learners greater mobility. The EQF has equivalencies with other qualifications frameworks across the world.
  5. The qualifications can be bespoke and exclusive to your organisation.