Premium Teaching & Learning Materials – a complete solution for the Level 4 in Business & Management - 19/10/2020

Premium Teaching & Learning Materials for the Level 4 in Business & Management – Launch Offer

ATHE is pleased to launch a premium package of Teaching and Learning Materials for the ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business & Management (mandatory units).

Exclusively designed for ATHE centres and learners by senior academic Professor Stuart Wall at Cambridge International Education Centre (CIEC), this comprehensive package of eText, Student and Lecturer Manuals complements the existing ATHE qualification specifications and assignments, providing a competitively priced delivery solution for centres and learners.

To celebrate the launch, ATHE is offering a 25% discount for materials ordered for 10 learners when it launches on April 1st 2021.

Exclusive Content – tailored to each unit

The range of specially devised Teaching and Learning Materials comprise dedicated e-Text materials specifically chosen for each unit, together with a Lecturer Manual, Student Manual and PowerPoint presentation specific to each Unit. These manuals have been informed by, and make extensive use of, the carefully selected Pearson/CIEC e-Texts with a range of content, exercises and activities appropriate to that unit. 

Flexible Sessions – online and/or classroom

The e-Text, Student Manual and Lecturer Manual combined provide the basis for 150 hours of Total Qualification Time (TQT) per 15 credit Unit including 60 hours of Guided Learning Hours (GLH). This is done in a flexible way that can move more towards home study/online learning if classroom based learning is disrupted.

The materials are provided in four separate Sessions per Unit to cover the 150 hours of TQT and to fully support the delivery of each Unit in ways which cover the designated Indicative Content for that Unit, together with the relevant Learning Outcomes.  The e-Text contains chapters carefully selected to fit the Indicative Content and Learning Outcomes for each of the four Mandatory Units. 

The Student Manual contains a wide range of readings from the e-Text, case materials, exercises and activities linked to the e-Text and also additional materials going beyond the e-Text. All cases, exercises and activities are provided with answers and responses for students to check themselves against.

The Lecturer Manual contains a wide range of new and additional exercises and cases with feedback for the lecturer only to help support their engagement with students. Along with PowerPoints, specific guidance to identified further reading / journals is provided.

To take advantage of these premium materials at competitive prices and the current launch offer contact Denise Weir at or call +44 (0)1603 760030.