The aim of this new Level 6, 35-credit qualification is to develop knowledge, understanding and skill in coaching and mentoring, so these techniques can be used effectively in and across organisations operating in the fields of business and education/training – and more widely such as within public sector or not-for-profit organisations.  The following key points refer:

  • Delivered through blended or distance learning, the qualification will establish the connection between coaching, mentoring and the achievement of personal and organisational goals.
  • Two pathways are offered for learners with the appropriate levels of experience and maturity to take on the roles of coach and/or mentor, either working with people at different levels in business / public and third sector organisations or with those providing education and/or training.
  • Both pathways will facilitate embedding of improved practice leading to higher levels of personal development from those being coached or mentored and subsequently higher achievement of organisational goals and institutional success.
  • The qualification can be offered by centres in its own right or be used in their staff development programmes for those working with learners taking other ATHE qualifications such as the Business and Management suite. This is particularly important given the increased use of online and distance learning and the change in practice this requires.
  • Coaching and mentoring are also an integral part of the Level 3 Certificate in Entrepreneurship and the suite of Teaching qualifications.
  • The four-unit structure in each pathway will provide the opportunity to apply the learning in a practical context, with observation of actual coaching and/or mentoring practice which can be done remotely or face to face.

For further information about the Level 6 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring and to add the qualification to your centre’s portfolio of ATHE qualifications please contact us at or call +44 (0)1603 760030.

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