EduGrowth creates Teacher Mentoring Toolkit - 24/09/2021

Establishing Teacher Mentoring in your school(s)

ATHE recognised centre, EduGrowth believe that teacher mentoring is an essential element at all stages of teacher professional development. Recent studies have shown a direct correlation between implementing teacher mentoring programmes and raising learning outcomes in schools.

Now more than ever, in an uncertain educational landscape, where teachers are often working in isolation, having supportive mentors can make a huge difference.

However, setting up teacher mentoring in a school raises questions of finding effective mentor training and how to implement and manage the programme.

EduGrowth have partnered with Observic to create a Teacher Mentoring Toolkit that meets these needs and provides a complete solution to successfully establishing mentoring in schools.

The EduGrowth Level 6 Mentoring for Education Professionals training programme develops mentoring skills through practice, reflective feedback, and study. Our practical, interactive programme will equip selected teachers to be an effective mentor and learn, practice, and apply essential mentoring skills and techniques. The programme can be accessed online and delivered virtually or face to face. Upon successful completion of the programme it leads to a regulated qualification from us, ATHE.

The Observic teacher mentoring platform is used to track the performance of both mentors and teachers against school, training or regulatory standards. Schools benefit from:

  • a deeper insight into teacher expertise through video, audio and documentary evidence
  • remote or face-to-face classroom observations, generating the evidence to inform fruitful coaching and mentoring discussions
  • building good practice libraries for both teachers and mentors

Combining both training and digital expertise in a single Toolkit gives schools and groups of schools the best chance of implementation of a successful teaching mentoring programme.

Joseph Jones, Managing Director of EduGrowth, said:

“I am really pleased that EduGrowth is partnering with John and his team at Observic. Both organisations share the belief that successful mentoring can make a huge difference to new or less experienced teachers. Through the EduGrowth course and the Observic platform we can now provide a complete toolkit that supports institutions in this vital area.”

John Edmonds, Founder of Observic, said:

“We are delighted at Observic to partner with EduGrowth to create the Teacher Mentoring Toolkit. Now we can offer schools and colleges a complete solution to train teachers in mentoring and coaching skills plus a digital framework to implement and manage their mentoring programme on an ongoing basis.”

Observic is a performance review platform used for teacher mentoring. The platform allows video, audio and documentary evidence of classroom practice to be remotely evaluated and assessed by a mentor and their comments fed back to the teacher to facilitate more effective teaching and improved learning outcomes.

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