US Degree Earned Online - Connect with Northwood University - 01/04/2020

In these uncertain times, ATHE is very pleased to be able to offer our centres the opportunity to continue to deliver learning. All ATHE qualifications can be delivered completely online and now, thanks to our recent collaboration with Northwood University, your learners’ entire US degree pathway can be delivered remotely too.

We would like to use this opportunity to connect ATHE centres with Northwood, enabling them both to make provision for ATHE learners and allow studies to continue whatever the circumstances.

Northwood University are pleased to offer ATHE centres:

  • Webinars and online meetings for your team and managers about the degree pathways, what it’s like to learn online at Northwood, how Northwood supports online students and what centres can do to support this program and their students.
  • Fliers or brochures about the degree programs (BBA and MSOL) that can be co-branded with the centre’s logo and contact information
  • Social media campaigns or possibly even pay-per-click support

If you would like to connect with Northwood and begin offering this exciting pathway to your learners, please contact our Head of Sales and Business Development Denise on